The Intellectual Liar: NY Times Ross Douthat

I’ve been supportive of the new commitment to “truth” by The New York Times even after it helped Hillary Clinton lose the presidential election because of its breathless and untruthful reporting of her personal web server, but now that it let columnist Ross Douthat blame liberals for the rise of the pathological liar President Donald Trump I’m not so sure.

Columnists, such as Paul Krugman and Charles Blow, are writing outstanding and truthful commentary in The Times. The newspaper is calling out Trump’s lies in headlines. But why even run Krugman’s and Blow’s columns if it’s all going to be undercut with the inane, borderline fascist drivel of Douthat? Why not be consistent in the resistance to Trump? Douthat is obviously part of the conservative deployment to normalize Trump, and these are not normal times.

It’s the same old and now unethical journalist equivocation of “here is this argument and here is this other argument” but one side—the Trump side—is neofascism or just plain fascism or a growing authoritarian government, which Douthat blames liberals for because, well, we don’t have the right narrative or story. It’s our fault. That’s a complete lie, and Douthat knows it, or maybe he thinks he’s a great writer and thinker and everyone in huge numbers reads what he writes and he’s so wonderful, brilliant. He’s so great, huge, the very best.

So here’s one narrative, Ross: The mainstream media, like The New York Times, didn’t report the truth for years and years about the rise of fascism in this country because they couldn’t comprehend it, and it was also complicit with it through its corporate model. The Corporation seeks profits. That’s why it exists. Exaggerated headlines and stories about Hillary Clinton’s personal server make money just like Douthat’s blatant lies about the lack of a liberal story that would have supposedly save the day for democracy.

Here’s the column, which, I do concede, is written in language at a decent enough intellectual level that I’m sure Trump couldn’t even get through it. That’s not sarcasm.

My main argument against the post is that Douthat omits all the ominous warnings about what’s happening under the Trump presidency just so far in the last two weeks, ranging from all the president’s and his surrogates’ pathological, compulsive lying to decisions that will destroy the economic foundation of the middle class to signs that new wars, perhaps a major world war, are on the horizon.

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Local Corporations, Chamber Joined To Defeat SQ 779

It comes as no surprise that local corporations and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber led the fight against State Question 779, which would have increased the state sales tax by one cent and given public school teachers $5,000 annual raises.

They were joined by some progressives, who considered the one cent sales tax hike regressive, and thus approximately 59 percent of voters defeated the measure in the Nov. 8 election. Our teachers were jilted once again.

What’s somewhat surprising, however, are some of the dollar amounts from the “no” side that have been reported. For example, according to a media report, Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores donated $40,000 to help defeat the measure. Many if not most people who work at Love’s stores in Oklahoma were most likely educated in the public school system in the state.

Other companies that donated thousands of dollars to Oklahoma Deserves Better, the group organized to oppose SQ 779, included the local oil and gas companies Continental Resources ($20,000) Chesapeake ($20,000), Devon ($20,000) and SandRidge ($10,000), which, again, obviously draw many of their employees from a pool of job candidates educated in Oklahoma’s public schools.

Clayton Bennett, the chairman of the group that owns the Oklahoma City Thunder, kicked in $20,000 as well.

Here’s a list of contributors published on the insightful blog okeducationtruths.

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There are new political rules created by Republicans over how U.S. Supreme Court nominees get their seats, and those rules dictate that every single Democrat in the Senate vote against the nomination of Neil Gorsuch, a right-wing extremist in what the media is calling the mold of the late Antonin Scalia.

Now is not a time for Democratic appeasement. If another deeply conservative judge joins the Supreme Court, then much falls into jeopardy, from Roe v. Wade to same-sex marriage to racial equality. Every act taken by Trump and his surrogates will be sanctioned by the nation’s highest court.

In essence, if Gorsuch makes it onto the court, Trump will conceivably own all three branches of government, and, believe me, I use the word “own” quite intentionally.

This is absolute: If any Democratic U.S. Senator so much as even considers voting for this radical judge nominated by an unhinged, authoritarian and lying president, then they need to face protests and then a vote out of office when the time comes if we still have a real vote at that time.

The nominee needs 60 votes to get his position. There are 52 Republican, 46 Democratic and two independent Senators. Obviously, the Republicans can change the 60-vote rule because of their majority, but that doesn’t mean Democrats shouldn’t stand up for the sake of their country.

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