Mo Protest Draws Dozens

The July 8 protest against the “Mo Radio Show” on Oklahoma City radio station 94.7 “The Buzz” drew about 100 people on the north lawn of Fifty Penn Place and was obviously instrumental in forcing the radio station to issue a recent apology on its website.
Here is the apology that was running on the station’s website as on July 9:

“ KHBZ does not condone advocating violence of any kind. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by inappropriate comedy airing on the June 29th Mo Radio Show. Our goal at KHBZ is to entertain and not to offend. --Bill Hurley, VP/GM, KHBZ “

On his June 29 show, “Mo” Modzelewski asked listeners if they would prefer to wake up one morning and remember having beaten a woman or having had gay sex. Of course, some of his listeners responded with tasteless comments about violence against women and gay people.

Ultimately, Modzelewski’s comments show he advocates domestic violence against Oklahoma City women and he hates Oklahoma City gay people. Hate radio, “shock jock” radio, is an ugly manifestation of right-wing ignorance in the tradition of Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage. It becomes dangerous when it becomes normal and average. Modzelewski’s “jokes” are nothing more than a new, albeit minor addition to the systematic campaign to further the right-wing agenda, which tries to roll back women’s rights and creates scapegoat hatred against gay people.

It is important we note that Modzelewski’s hate and advocacy of violence against women is now a part of this city’s mainstream media. This is especially important for people who deal professionally with domestic violence and abuse.

Also, The Daily Oklahoman’s new Look@OKC publication recently featured a full-page advertisement about Modzelewski. Promoting this type of ignorance and hate is the newspaper’s specialty. And they even get money for doing so. The trying-to-be-cool-too-hard Look@OKC also recently celebrated the warmonger Toby Keith, whose new, tacky restaurant is stinking up Bricktown with its gaudiness.

I guess Toby Keith and Mo Modzelewski are what passes for “cool” people for The Daily Oklahoman. This is what it all says: Hey, Oklahoma City men, you can listen to some boot-shuffling, Iraqi-ass-kicking country music while you talk about beating your wife instead of having gay sex. Wow, now that is so cool, isn’t it?

I was at the protest Friday. It attracted a variety of people from different communities in the city of all different age groups and politics. These people, some of the most intelligent and decent people in the city, should be admired for taking time out of their day to make a point.