The Observer Increases Web Presence

(State Rep. Sally Kern continues to push her religious agenda. Read DocHoc's article "Prayers instead of poems" in this week's issue of the Oklahoma Gazette, the state's best alternative publication.)

The Oklahoma Observer is increasing its web presence, and that’s great post-election news for liberals in Oklahoma.

Arnold Hamilton, who appears in the YouTube video on the right, and his wife, Beverly, now operate the journal, which is an important Oklahoma institution. They took over the publication from legendary Frosty Troy and his late wife, Helen. Troy still writes for The Observer.

Progressive bloggers and writers in the state owe much to Troy, who has relentlessly stood up to the rich and politically powerful in this state. He paved the way. The Observer has been one of the few, consistent liberal voices in Oklahoma for more than three decades. It has provided an extended forum for liberals to discuss state issues outside of Oklahoma’s conservative corporate media. The publication remains influential in the state political scene.

The Observer motto is: “To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Hamilton recently announced The Observer was improving its Web site. “In the coming months,” Hamilton writes, “we believe you’ll find it a must-stop on your daily Internet rounds, an indispensable read to stay in the know on Oklahoma government and politics.”

The journal offers subscriptions to both its print and online versions. Check it out.


Good for Arnold, The Observer is the best progressive paper in Oklahoma and this has been needed for sometime.

Observer Goes Digital

I hope The Observer really ramps it up on the Web in the coming months. This would be great for the state.