Impeach Bush and Cheney

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Image from Center for Constitutional Rights organization

Okie Funk has been calling for the impeachment of President George Bush for literally years now, and it continues to support all political efforts that would remove both Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney from office.

Only through such a formal, legal act as impeachment can the structures of our democracy be preserved for future generations. As it stands now, the entire democratic structure of American government has been changed by the Bush administration. Bush or any future president can now rule through imperial-like decrees and commit consistent illegal acts.

Republicans who still support Bush and the ideals of democracy should remember the president’s term is almost over. What would prevent a future Democratic president, such as Hillary Clinton, from assuming power under the new rubric of the imperial presidency? The impeachment of Bush/Cheney in all reality should be non-partisan.

Here are Bush’s most obvious impeachable offices: (1) He committed fraud when he lied and ordered or allowed his surrogates to lie to the American people about the reasons for invading Iraq. (2) He continues to sanction the torture of prisoners in American custody. This violates American law and the Geneva Conventions. (3) He sanctioned the illegal wiretapping of millions of innocent American citizens.

Beyond the legal offenses, Bush has been a disaster as president. His execution of the illegal Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation has been relentlessly incompetent, leading to the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent American and Iraqi people. He has blocked basic medical advancements to appease this country’s religious fundamentalists. He refuses to deal with the country’s serious domestic problems, such as shoddy, expensive health care and stagnant wages.

He has caused great damage to our country’s military, made the United States a reviled nation throughout the world and squandered billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars.

Yet impeachment has always been a larger issue that transcends the mediocrity of an individual president. If we, as a country, allow Bush’s impeachable offenses to go unpunished in some formal manner (censure could be another avenue to explore), then these illegal actions will be codified in law. Presidents in the future will be allowed to wage unilateral wars based on fraudulent claims and order their operatives to secretly wiretap, arrest, imprison, torture and murder. Fascist government, then, could eventually become “normalized,” perhaps even supported by people more interested in the nonsense of Paris Hilton’s latest spectacle than current government policy or even their children’s futures.

If we do not at least try to impeach Bush and Cheney for such obvious illegal offenses will it mean then impeachment is no longer a viable alternative for Americans when faced with a tyrannical president? Is impeachment only reserved for minor sex scandals? What type of country have we become under Bush and his corporate media lapdogs, who report his lies without question?

The impeachment process will be messy, and most corporate media outlets will not support it because it will show once again their own immoral culpability in the rise of the tyrannical imperial presidency. But the Democratic-controlled Congress needs to go through with it. They should do it for the sole reason of preserving the country’s democratic structures. This is not about politics. This is about saving our democracy.