Rice, Coyne Join Forces To Register Voters

Bash Set For October 12

Andrew Rice, a progressive Democrat running for State Senate in District 46, and Wayne Coyne, the lead singer for The Flaming Lips, are hosting a voter registration bash at 7 p.m. October 12.

The bash will be held at Raffine Interiors, 614 Sheridan in Oklahoma City on Film Row in Oklahoma City. Anyone 18 to 21 will be admitted for free. There will be a $10 charge for those over 21. People are encouraged to bring someone who needs to register to vote.

Rice recently won the Democratic primary for his seat and now faces the religious extremist Republican Joshua Jantz (look at this freaky piece of campaign literature he has distributed) in an Oklahoma City district considered a fairly safe haven for Democrats. The seat is now held by state Sen. Bernest Cain, who has fought valiantly against the conservative juggernaut that has seized the state. Because of term limits, Cain could not run again.

Rice is simply one of the best candidates for office this state has seen in years, and the list of people who support him grow by the day. He possesses progressive values, and he is incredibly intelligent and articulate. He can make an immediate difference in the legislature. Oklahoma natives, Rice and his wife, Apple, a physician, chose to live in Oklahoma City and make a difference here. Rice deserves our support.

Coyne, who just recently rocked a huge Oklahoma City audience with a spectacular concert at the Oklahoma Zoo Amphitheatre, lives in District 46 just a few blocks from my house. Coyne, too, chooses to live in Oklahoma City and make a difference. He has been highly critical of President George Bush. He should be commended for using his rock star mojo to help get out the vote here in the Oklahoma City area.

(I highly recommend The Fearless Freaks, a film about The Flaming Lips, for anyone interested in a true, down-to-earth narrative of our metropolitan area and one of its brilliant, musical treasures. It’s out on DVD.)

One poster for the event states, “Vote or be taken over by robots.” These robots—disguised in many cases as neoconservatives--lurk everywhere these days. They are trying to take away your right to privacy and freedom of expression. They want control and power and money, and they will lie and create senseless wars to get it.

If Oklahoma progressives have a chance to stop the conservative tidal wave here, then they need to start by electing politicians like Andrew Rice to office. In addition, we need to motivate younger voters to take part in a political process that has become corrupted by money and hubris.

Okie Clinton Stalkers

The editorial writers at The Daily Oklahoman are obsessed with Bill Clinton. Why don’t they use this neurotic obsession to help protect privacy rights and freedom of expression for Americans, two issues you might think newspaper writers would care about? The answer to that is easy. The chief purpose of the newspaper’s editorial writers is to ensure the Gaylord family gets richer at the expense of regular people. If this means they must rhetorically dupe Okie rubes into thinking the Republican Party cares about the common man, then so be it. What’s “truth” but a five-letter word that no longer carries meaning for the immoral hacks at Britton Road and the Broadway Extension?

I am referring to the newspaper’s most recent anti-Clinton editorial “Bill’s back” (September 26, 2006). In that editorial, the paper claims Clinton’s recent interview with the ultra-conservative Fox News shows he has an “enormous chip on his shoulder.” In the interview, the former president defended his efforts to track down Osama bin Laden and his operatives before Al Gore was elected president and George Bush and Karl Rove stole the election with the consent of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Clinton expressed anger at the lying, right-wing interviewer, George (er, er, excuse me,) Chris Wallace for bringing up the topic. Clinton had been told the interview was going to be about his recent philanthropic efforts.

Here is what this is all about. The war in Iraq is not going well nor is the so-called, open-ended “war on terror.” This is obvious. Polls show people are fed up. So what do the Republicans do? Well, they don’t even think about the non-partisan idea of fixing things, that’s for sure. Instead, they issue GOP talking points attacking Bill Clinton after Path to 9/11, a right-wing propaganda film, is shown. (Note that Clinton has not been criticizing Bush for failing to stop the September 11, 2001 attacks even though there is ample evidence the current president dropped the ball on the issue. The Republicans intentionally started this fight.)

Thus, all the neoconservative robots, from the dolts at the Fox News to the The Daily Oklahoman, try to shift attention away from the historical debacle of the Iraq war, the botched fight against terrorism, the illegal wiretapping of American citizens, and the torture of “enemy combatants” and try to rally their beleaguered and questioning base with some good ol’ fashioned Clinton bashing.

Meanwhile, the rich steal the country blind, and the rest of us can’t afford health care. This shtick is getting old, folks



Had drinks and some of the best appetizers in OKC last night at Bin 73 on Western. In attendance were my political "insiders" and friends both progressive and conservative. Let me clarify that conservative tag. They are not the christian right-wing, war pig, flag waving, make me want to vomit kind of conservative, but more of the middle of the road, less government type of conservative.

Anyway, here is the low down on the races:

Fallin wins hands down. Dr. Hunter is a good man, but can't compete with the experience and money that Fallin has. Fallin won't do a damn thing in Congress and will bide her time to try a run for Senate.

Henry wins big and Ernie goes back to practicing law. Big Earnie is flat broke and Henry is sitting on about 4 million.

Askins wins a squeaker against the soul saving dairy farmer. Jari just put another $500k of her OWN money in the race and Hiett is broke. Askins is independently wealthy with oil and gas interests. The bible thumpers aren't supporting Hiett. He has alienated EVERYONE on both sides of the aisle with his total scrorched earth heavy handed tactics. Hiett will slip into oblivion and go back to pulling on cow teets for a living.

Andrew Rice wins solidly against that freak Jantz and will begin his political journey in a solid way. Many eyes are watching Rice and are wanting him to do well.

The Democrats have a chance to dominate the statewide offices with the exception Labor Commissioner.

The legislature will be forced to become more bipartisan if they get anything done at all. The rise and now subsequent fall of the scorched earth republicans will be the big news going forward.

This could finally be an election that progressives can celebrate.

Now, get out there and vote!!!!!!!!