TABOR Would Devastate State

Proposed legislation that ties the budget of state government to population growth and the inflation rate is apparently still on the political table in Oklahoma. The Republican-sponsored bill, modeled after the Orwellian-named Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights (TABOR) legislation in Colorado, would gut Oklahoma education, especially higher education.

The law has been a complete disaster in Colorado. Funding for higher education in that state has shrunk considerably and employment is way down. The economy there is in decline, children and the disadvantaged suffer, and the elderly try to make ends meet with reduced social programs. But, of course, that has not stopped The Daily Oklahoman, and many right-wing extremists in the state from supporting the measure. The bill, which would amend the Oklahoma Constitution, would require a vote of the people. It is sponsored by state Sen. Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso,, 405-521-5566).

Oklahomans would make a tragic mistake if they vote for this legislation if it does make it to the ballot. (There are some indications the bill is losing support.) Oklahoma is a small state with limited population growth. We even lost a congressional seat after the last census because of limited growth compared to the country’s average population growth. Under the proposed bill’s provisions, even a small downturn in the state’s economy might lead to, among other things, massive teacher layoffs, school closings, and higher college tuition. In addition, its impact on our state’s disadvantaged would be immeasurably.

This state desperately needs to invest our taxes in better education, not give our tax dollars to rich people. Keep in mind the filthy-rich power structure in the state—lead by its immoral mouthpiece, The Oklahoman—is always lying when it claims it wants to improve education in the state. No, what it wants is your hard-earned money through tax cuts for the super wealthy and higher gasoline prices so the state’s fat-cat oil executives can get even richer. (Look at the recent profits of oil companies in this country. It is obscene. Meanwhile, gasoline costs skyrocket.)

These TABOR Republicans, fueled by the right-wing extremist group, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, are simply the most immoral citizens of Oklahoma today. Their aim is to redistribute wealth to the state’s and country’s richest citizens. Their clichéd rhetoric about less government or accountable government rings hollow and false. They do not give a hoot about this state or you or me. They do not care about your children and your grandparents.

These immoral rascals want your hard-earned money, and they will lie and distort to get it anyway they can. They treat us like rubes, and then laugh all the way to the bank. The money they steal from us is blood money.

The Oklahoma TABOR Republicans are a part of what we might call the “new immoralists” in our country today. Hiding under cultural wedge issues, these new immoralists work insidiously to hurt ordinary people with their draconian laws and policies that shift massive amounts of wealth to people like the Gaylord family or Oklahoma’s rich oil executives or the nation’s Wall Street bankers.

Under any known and recognized moral system, whether it be conventional religion or traditional philosophy, it is wrong to intentionally harm large masses of regular people so the super wealthy can get even wealthier. But that is just what the Oklahoma TABOR Republicans apparently want to do.

In addition, the Oklahoma TABOR Republicans are obviously philosophically aligned with those morally-challenged Republicans who now want to dismantle Social Security, so Americans will no longer have a secured retirement. They want to take the retirement money you pay into the system and give it to rich, Wall Street stockbrokers who will then give some of it (“some of it,” folks) back in the form of campaign contributions to the corrupt politicians running our country these days. They want you to have less and less, so rich people can have more and more. It really is that simple.

The new immoralists, these quasi-fascists, will bring our state and county to its doom if people do not wake up soon.