Registered Oklahoma Sex Offenders For Bush

(It is time we raise the minimum wage in this state to help out students and those with low wages. Read DocHoc's commentary, "Creating opportunities for everyone" in this week's Oklahoma Gazette.)

Did Lone Protestor Make Bushbots Proud?

The lone counter protestor at the Bush protest in Stillwater Saturday is a registered sex offender, according to government documents on the Internet.

Photograph of Timothy W. Middleton from

Consequently, Bush’s most vocal support Saturday came from convicted pedophile Timothy W. Middleton. Middleton held a sign reading, “Welcome to Stillwater President Bush” and taunted the approximately 600 Bush protestors who showed up Saturday. He also shouted hateful, bigoted comments at the Bush protestors.

(The photograph of Middleton here and other Bush protest photographs can be found at

The site Tulsa Can’t Wait contains links to government documents showing Middleton was convicted in 2000, among other charges, of procuring a child for a lewd and indecent act in Bryan County. He is now a registered sex offender in Payne County, according to the site, which links to documents here and here. The site also contains a video of Middleton at the protest.

Middleton received about as much mainstream media coverage as the Bush protestors, which included students, professors, military veterans, and peace activists, following Bush’s appearance in Stillwater Saturday at Oklahoma State University’s commencement.

Here is part of the The Oklahoman’s story about Middleton and the Bush protest Saturday:

“'God bless America,’ shouted Tim Middleton, 41, who held a sign reading, ’Welcome to Stillwater President Bush.’

“’God bless the world,'" the anti-Bush crowd screamed back.

“Middleton, who waged his counterdemonstration alone for most of the morning, became enraged when an OSU student held up an impromptu sign reading ‘Bigots 4 Bush’ next to him.

“Middleton continued to yell: ‘Go home hippies! Go home homosexuals!’

“The OSU student was shoved in the stomach. Stillwater police surrounded Middleton and escorted him away from the protest zone.”

The Daily Oklahoman was too busy lying about the crowd sizes at the Bush appearance and wrongly stereotyping the protestors to really check out the lone counter protestor. It declined to interview more student and professor protestors as it gave sex offender Middleton more column inches than the vast majority of Bush protestors. But what can you expect from the country’s most conservative newspaper? This newspaper's editors would probably rather support a fascist government—as long as it lines the pockets of the Gaylord family—before it would admit Bush and the Republicans have damaged and continue to damage this country.

The Lies of The Oklahoman

Speaking of The Daily Disappointment . . . The Oklahoman published a recent editorial (“OSU gives Bush a warm welcome,” May 9, 2006) in which it argued that Bush received a warm welcome in Stillwater Saturday and that protestors failed to stop that great Bush mojo.

This is a lie. The commencement itself only drew 20,000 or so people, according to one estimate. That was half of the number expected to attend. Many of those people—perhaps half or slightly less than half of the 20,000—walked by the 600 or so Bush protestors. Many of those people, most of whom were graduates, either showed solidarity with the protestors or simply walked by smiling or with neutral expressions. Anyone who was there—and I was there—knows that to be the truth.

We must remember the graduates were forced to listen to Bush if they wanted to attend their commencement. This was an important day for the graduates, but, rest assured, most of them realize the reality of Bush’s terrible reign of terror even if they are Republicans.

Also, if Bush got such a “warm” welcome, then where were the counter protestors besides Middleton?

The Daily Oklahoman will never answer this question. It lies for the personal gain of its owners, and its Bushbotic editorial writers are slaves to an immoral ideology that continues to wreak havoc on the country’s democratic structures.

The editorial about Bush’s visit shows how the mainstream media here continues to brainwash the Oklahoma citizenry.

Unless you attended the protest or the commencement or read blog accounts of that day, you would have no inkling of the truth. The mainstream media loses subscribers and viewers every day because they will not report the truth, but it continues to lie because it no longer knows another way.

Should We Move Yet?

Robbie Kerr’s loss Tuesday to retain her former husband’s Oklahoma Senate seat is a big blow to Democrats, and may well assure the state’s legislature will be dominated by Republicans next year.

Kerr was soundly defeated by Republican Mike Shulz in a special election in District 38 to replace Robert Kerr who died recently.

Republicans expect to pick up enough seats to control the Senate in November because several Democratic Senators are term limited and their seats are in play. Republicans already control the House. Democratic political observers had previously argued that Republicans stand an excellent chance of taking over the senate if Kerr lost even though the seat is up for grabs again in November. Then, of course, we have Republican gubernatorial candidate Ernest Istook lurking in the background.

Here is what we can expect next year if the Republicans dominate the Oklahoma Legislature: (1) Massive amounts of religious intrusion into government through legislation like requiring neocreationism be taught in schools. (2) Huge cuts in public education funding, which will lead to massive increases in college tuition. (3) The complete and utter destruction of the Oklahoma tax base. The winners will be rich oil company executives and other corporate bigwigs.

If you care about education and the separation of church and state, you should really consider moving from Oklahoma at this point if you have the choice and opportunity to do so. I know this sounds dire and glum, but it is the reality. Another option would be for you to get more politically motivated, but, gee, that means you would have to actually show up and do something.

Yet maybe it might be fun to stand aboard the ship, S.S. Republican Oklahoma, as it sinks to its doom. Nah. Get out while you can.



My wife and I both do our part for social justice. We often talk about how difficult it is for us to remain in Oklahoma. I've lived all but nine years of my wife in Oklahoma City. My wife's roots run equally deep. I don't think we will leave the state. We both enjoy our jobs as teachers in the Oklahoma City public schools. We love our home in The Village. Instead, we may become members of the "resistance". At least we will carry on with our work the ideal of justice for all. It's very good to know that we have people like you working along side us.

R. Lynn Green

Democrats lost control of the OK Senate in 2006 and the House in 2001; the author predicted the following the happen if that occured: 1) Massive amounts of religious intrusion into government through legislation like requiring neocreationism be taught in schools. (2) Huge cuts in public education funding, which will lead to massive increases in college tuition. (3) The complete and utter destruction of the Oklahoma tax base. The winners will be rich oil company executives and other corporate bigwigs.

Has this happened?

Tuition is not anymore than anywhere else in the region (

I searched the OK State Department of Education website and found nothing on creationism. Nor have I found anything on any recent creationism legislation, the only legislation was from 2000 during which the Democrats were in control.

The complete and utter destruction of the OK tax base...
“There were a lot of dire predictions by opponents of tax relief that income tax cuts would drastically shrink income tax revenues,” said state Sen. Mike Mazzei, R-Tulsa, co-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. “But the facts tell a different story — revenues from individual income taxes continue to grow.”

"Since 2002, Oklahoma's economy has been the 6th-fastest-growing state economy in the nation. This fact holds true whether economic performance is measured by overall economic activity (state GDP) or by income growth of residents (personal income)."

Things don't seem to be too bad here in Oklahoma...