Inhofe’s Wild Predictions

Republicans predicting a Mitt Romney and overall GOP landslide in Tuesday’s election are now predictably back pedaling after President Barack Obama’s victory, and that notably includes Oklahoma’s U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe.

Here’s what Inhofe had to say about the election before it occurred:

We’re going to win. We’re going to beat Obama. This is still America. And I think there are so many people out there that don’t want to say it, but they realize, that this president has tried to destroy every institution that makes America great. And I think when you see the, oh you saw that ad where he’s trying to get girls to do things out of wedlock and all that stuff. This is still America and they can’t get by with that so I’m convinced that we’re going to win the presidency by a substantial margin. And I think also that the Republicans would take over the United States Senate.

Note “this president has tried to destroy every institution that makes America great,” which is as over-the-top as Inhofe’s continuing claim that global warming is a “hoax.” Note also “we’re going to win the presidency by a substantial margin” because of an advertisement he’s obviously misinterpreted.

How can one politician continue to be so wrong and, well, downright embarrassing, yet still receive perpetual media adoration from his home-state corporate media? Don’t his off-the-wall comments about the election also reflect on his outrageous position about climate change?

After the election, Inhofe told a Tulsa radio station, “I’ve never been as wrong in my life in the terms of my predicting.”

The question is did Inhofe really believe in his prediction in the first place or was he just blowing political smoke? Does he really believe global warming is just a scientific left-wing conspiracy waged against the fossil fuel industry or he is just protecting oil and gas interests, which fund his campaigns? The answers to these questions seem obvious, but don’t count on the corporate media here, especially The Oklahoman to hold him accountable.

Inhofe’s prediction that the GOP “would take over the United States Senate” was met with some real poetic justice when Oklahoma native Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, was elected to the Senate from Massachusetts. One of Warren’s campaign points was that her opponent, Scott Brown, if reelected would only empower Inhofe. Here’s what she said at one juncture in her campaign:

Sen. Brown has been going around the country, talking to people, saying, you’ve got to contribute to his campaign because it may be for the control of the Senate. And he’s right. … What that would mean is if the Republicans take over control of the Senate, Jim Inhofe would become the person who would be in charge of the committee that oversees the Environmental Protection Agency. He’s a man that has called global warming ‘a hoax.’ In fact, that’s the title of his book.

The Democrats, of course, retained their majority in the Senate. Warren, who has worked with Obama in the past and is widely known as a consumer advocate, is expected to receive appointments to significant committees and have an immediate impact. She’s the perfect counter to Inhofe’s extremist positions.

Warren’s concerns about Inhofe’s radical climate-change stance combined with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s endorsement of Obama because he would address climate change more than Mitt Romney in the wake of Hurricane Sandy means the Oklahoma senator is becoming increasingly isolated, if that’s possible. His wild election predictions make him even less credible than ever.